Ripper Gun {Having Trouble Posting }

Hello all :slight_smile:

Just got back into playing this game again
And had to buy an extra SSD to optimize performance, this goes way back with me,
I have played the actual first unreal game ever
Released publicly from national to nation
I’m very passionate about how I let the right Nostalgia.had a lovely little console, I’m sure
You’ve heard and knew it’s populaty in time listen to watch all these fantastic visuals of realism. Really love the Unreal 4 Engine, seems like I went and traveled back in time
Seems like yesterday I owned Unreal during the time, which DX 8.0 AND it was a bad ass card during time.

I owned it on Sega Dreamcast which I picked
Up and launched got the system on release date of 09.09.1999 was super happy knowing
I could play the game with an offical Dreamcast Mouse & keyboard. And was hooked. And needed my UT Fix daily, the
Golden Era for me and many other players
And was actually my first system utilizing and game to play online so many good memories
And even the, playing online with many other
Groups of ppl, remembering all the fun, even surfing the planetweb browser. I miss that era so much. First time I heard ppl speak of
Rumors shearling about a free to play Unreal
My childhood friend when she talks she sounds very seriously I’m like Nicole, this better not be a prank.shes like dude get Online to the official website, and was so intense felt like I had electrostatic. Was loaded
With shocks, goosebumps on the back of my neck. And I had it ever sense crying tears of joy. And the game installed the game
And remember stuff that popped out my head
Felt like my life flashing before eyes. And even remembered three incorrect in algebra class, I’m like wtf I am let go off in my head.
Love the modern look, and the guns!! So I was curious before I got up to leave for work.
And came across the Infamous Ripper!!! I am really hoping it could return in the new UT Game and future games as well… The only video that I came across a WIP ( Work In Progress)
And wasn’t sure if was Epic Games work
Or a fan of the series either way wouldn’t
Care who! Just missing the Ripper return to the franchise,anyone out there can tell if it was serious or just added for fun. Just wanted a status update on this situation