RIP David Bowie :(

Wtf… Another top musician gone already.

R.I.P. David Bowie.
Another legendary musician gone to spirit world :frowning:

A friend mentioned this to me a little earlier. I was surprised, as hadn’t seen the news yet. I didn’t know he was battling cancer - must have kept it very quiet? Very sad to hear. Another fantastic artist gone.

He was famous of Quantic Dream’s Omnikron The Nomad Soul.

My dream of him abducting my child in some twisted jealous sister revenge plot will never come to pass. He’ll be missed. Maybe I’ll go rent Labyrinth tonight and get a bottle of wine.

Really bummed out… Great singer, presence, etc. And, loved him as the Goblin King!

Indeed! I remember this great french game !

RIP David !

RIP. Top musician.

one of the first great ear worms of my life, R.I.P. David