Rinterpto Rotation not working on Scene Component?

Hello guys,
I got a problem while working with the “rinterp to” function.
I want to call a function (rotate) which gets called after a button is pressed(Button only gets pressed once, no event tick or some loop). Now the rotate-function should rotate my scene component (in this case i named it pivot point) to 180° in roll.![Rotate-Function][1]
What happens now is that the rotation is nowhere smooth or anything, it just gets rotated instantly for about 20 steps and thats it. No smooth Rotation, nothing.

I set it to Relative Rotation because my Pivot Point is a Child of my Motion Controller.

I would appreciate any help.
Best regards,

Having the same problem. Anyone else?

I’m having the same issue

To interpolate, you need to sample every frame:

Here, we’re adding 90 degrees to rotation. Set the desired target and let the rInterpTo arrive at that value over time using Tick.

Image from Gyazo

Should you need to precisely control the time it takes to rotate, use a Timeline + Lerp instead.

Thanks for the response. I’ll check it out once I get back to the topic, cheers!