RInterp To Control Rotation not working

Inside a macro, I’m using a Set Control Rotation linked to an RInterp To in order to rotate my player’s camera. The blueprint used for this process is linked below.

As you can see, at the beginning, I create a Local Rotator which is assigned to the current Control Rotation rotated 120 degrees in the Z axis, which is my interp target. Then I start a loop in which I Set Control Rotation using an RInterp from the current control rotation to this Local Rotator.

This works as intended (rotating the Control 120 degrees in the X axis) except when the Control Rotation’s Yaw reaches 179.999 or -179.999. At that point it gets stuck until I click outside of the playable Window, at which point it finishes its rotation. The only way I was able to avoid this problem was to increase the Interp Speed to 120, but that is much too fast for the effect I want.

If it helps in solving this issue, I also have this script in my Player Controller run before this scene: