Rinterp and Tick

Hi all,

I have a question about rinterps. Lately, I’ve been using Tick event to make interps and lerps work in BP. Is there a way for them to work outside of Tick event?
I would think it would be contained in the node itself to update on it’s own, but I guess not.

Please let me know if this is the correct way or is there a better way.

Thank you.

You can always call them separately as long as you provide GetCurrentTick() or some other parameter responsible for time. For example you can call an event with xInterp using a timer and pass it a variable of time passed since previous call.
Btw, there are other interpolation nodes which don’t need DeltaTime, they need only Alpha, look under the Math nodes.

iTween does this. It handles thing on Tick but as a separate object, so you dont have to mess around with boolean checks in your tick. Just set the interpolation and move on.

Thank you.

I wanted to do a left-right rotation of a security camera. I used timeline, and created a float variable to do the same thing.

Thank you all for the help.