Ring world artificial gravity system?

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I am trying to create a ring world with artificial gravity (centrifugal force) like in 2001 a space odyssey. I have searched the net looking for a way to do this. I have found one example of a person who did this but they did not show how they did it and I can see that someone has previously asked this question on the forums but never received any answers.

My second question is also about a ring world environment. I want to populate my world with plants and other objects but I also need the objects to have their up direction be a central point at the center of the ring. Is there a way to do this so that I can paint my environment in and have it automatically align to a central point.

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Well the second question is easy. By default the foliage painter has “align to normal” checked on. Thus, your plants/other objects will be facing the same direction as your floor is. Set the “ground slope” to "min 0 max 360 " or something like that to ensure the objects will be painted without restrictions.

For the gravity question I am not much of a help. I could fake the gravity by making the center of the ring pull objects towards it with power similar to G, but it would be just a simple fake system and wouldnt for example allow PhysX breakables to bounce around the way they should.

check out the custom gravity plugin on the forums

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My floor is very uneven and has a lot of slope variation. The normals point in many directions. I need the up direction of the plants to point to a single point at the center. I will try but I do not think it will work.

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Thanks Ixicalibur, I have searched custom gravity plugin on the forums but it does not come up. Have you seen it somewhere that you can point me to?

Chhers, B

Nevermind, I found it thanks

You could also paint your foliage on invisible static meshes that you place in the world. Then adjust the rotation of those foliage planes to your liking. Takes lot of manual work of course.

You could also rotate the environment around the character, if it is a single player game. :slight_smile:

Thanks Jezcentral, I thought about doing that but as you suggest it won’t work for multiplayer and it creates other problems. I am going to try reversing the direction of the gravity on the planet gravity custom gravity plugin. and that should do although it will push the player sideways at some point near the edge of the ring. Maybe i can modify it with scripting.

Thanks for your reply.