Rin Blueprint Dice Pack

Hi All,
I’ve released a functional Blueprint Dice Pack to the marketplace and it’s available today.
I hope it’ll be useful for many people out there in the market, whether it’s for project time saver, prototyping or just learning purposes :slight_smile:
Please post any question regarding “Rin Blueprint Dice Pack” in this forum.

The Pack contains 7 popular dice types for virtual board games.
Each dice contains these features:

  • Blueprint function to determined the facing up value as a data output.
  • Blueprint function to modify color and surface properties directly in detail window.
  • 2 UV sets for simple material or easy seamless square texturing. (1st UV is also Lightmap compatible)
  • 8 extra texture material (Stone, Marble, Gold Chunk, Abstract, Wood, Metal, Plastic and Candy)
  • Minimum Possible Polygon/Triangle required to achieve each of the dice shapes physically.

The Blueprint Dice pack also contains the Demo Room you’ve seen in the screenshots :wink:
*Scroll down to Post #8]( for Demo Room download.

Thank you for looking at my post.

Hey, Perfect timing! I am just in the stages of prototyping my board game - I was wondering how to implement the dice (i’m an Unreal Eng’ n00b). I guess here is my answer :slight_smile:

Thank you soo much for this!

Even though I have Tabletop Simulator, I forsee making at least one board game in my future. These look great :smiley:

Definitely gets my vote when they go on Trello.

@OP - Do they have collision volumes? And have you tested them as physics objects to see how well they roll?

Not yet - Just downloading and setting them up now :slight_smile: Will let you know one I have had a play :slight_smile:

Ah hah, that was directed at Rin, actually. Still, I’d be interested to hear your impressions (though I didn’t think these were live yet?).

Thanks for the interest guys.
Yeah it is a physics object and it’s already released in the Marketplace.

In the demo room I use an impulse to shake the dice.
Here’s the video in action (note that this is the early version of the dice content. I haven’t update the video, will do as soon as possible XD)

The dice also have CPU collision activated to make sure it’s more accurate :slight_smile:

Looks awesome!

Now I just need to figure out a game to make that uses dice.

Hi All,
I’ve packed the Dice Demo Room in case you guys want to take a look at it in run-time.
I promise there’s no trojan/virus in this file :slight_smile:
Filesize: 38MB (118MB after installation).

Navigation is standard WASD and Mouse. Left Click to Zoom in. ESC to exit.
The setup comes with uninstall once you’re done with the demo.
Hope this helps clarify what I’m selling in the Markerplace.

@Rin, I tried the demo, the dice look awesome. Especially love the subsurface ones.

My only suggestion would be to have a longer surface for the dice to roll across, at least for one display case, as the current ones are a bit cramped, so it ends up being hard to see them roll as you’d expect.

Thanks man for giving the demo room a shot, the subsurface one do look pretty.
I was thinking to group all those dice into a bigger box like the Random Material dice at one point.
Ended up not doing it, cause the constrained space did showed one additional features,
which is when the dice didn’t sit perfectly flat, it still report the proper most up facing value :wink:
Another reason is for user to check the data output usage system easier for each of the individual dice box.

I do notice that the constrained box doesn’t seem to show the rolling well on the cube dice,
but then again the 77 Random Material Party box already showed how awesome the physical dice is :smiley:

Hey Rin - I’m interested in buying this pack for use in our board game. But I have 2 questions:

  1. We use UE 4.7.4 and it’s not marked as compatible with this version. It’s marked as compatible with versions 4.4 and 4.5 - Can you please create a pack for use with UE 4.7 or modify this one appropriately for use with UE 4.7?
  2. If I buy this pack, how do we get it artists’ installations of UE to make any material modifications, etc?

Vijay Varadan

Is there a 4.10 version?

Would you consider allowing the dice to be customized with signs in different colors instead of numbers?