RigidBody goes crazy after teleport

I use the RigidBody Node in World Space for secondary animation in the Animation Blueprint of a character.
The problem is that physics start to go crazy when the character teleport over a longer distance.
Which makes sense becasue it tries to solve superfast movement.
What is the best way to avoid this?
I already tried to set the alpha of the RigidBody Node to 0 when the character moves too fast or teleports.
This is working when the character moves very fast directly at the first tick but when it starts to simulate for some frames this is not working anymore.
Is there a way to reset the state of the RigidBody node back to ref pose or to disable the RigidBody simulation?

Did you find a solution? I got the same problem. Currently I am turning off physics right before the teleport, and when teleport finished it turns on physics again. This mostly works, but sometimes it doesn’t and this causes crashes.

what function you use to teleport? If its “set actor transform” with teleport ticked it will, as it is making a transform change. however if you use “teleport” function it should not apply any force to your character. if you want a cool rigid body/cloth fall of after teleport, teleport slightly off the ground.

For me both didnt make any difference.
What I do now as a workaround is: I changed the rigidbody node fom world space to component space and add the chracter velocity via extrnal forces. This velocity is clamped to make sure it works with teleports.

Are you getting the same issue as me?
At first I could teleport the player from one part of the level to another, but now when it does, it keeps moving in the direction it was teleported in until it hits a wall.
it does this instantly so i am thinking too that it is dividing the distance traveled in the teleport by the time and instanttaniously making that the speed vector of the player so that the speed once it stops teleporting is (d/t) = LOTS. I havnt tried turning physics off and on because the player is just a camera at the moment.