rights for games

hi , i want to know if we have to pay some rights if we want to make games about a movie or a book , kind do we have to contact them and ask them for permission and are we going to pay them to make those kinds of games??

You will have to contact whoever owns the rights to the movie or book, yes.

ok^^ thanks for that

If you have to ask, don’t bother contacting them. You won’t have the gigantic amount of money to license the IP anyways.

yeah that’s what i though

wait…you could create a parody.

have a look to “fair use”

waw men that was awesome thanks a lot for the idea but do you have right to se same actors in a parody??

if the book is too old you dont need the right.

actually i want to make a game of thrones storyline kind like in the movie but open world there is the main quests and some secondary quests and you switch betwwen the different characters following the story…

If you go the parody way, you have to be close to the original storyline but highly overdrawn. You must check the conditions of an parody and if its suitable for your needs. Other thing…what if you avoid the game of thrones title and characternames. Build your game in a similar setting with own names and outfits.

Actually if you’re eyeing Game of Thrones, this thing is ripe for parody. For something like The Bard’s Tale.

thanks guys it was really helpfull so i think i’m going to make a character (your main one) you play with it with an rpg style (leveling, inventory…) and in the same time you are close to the movie characters and you can play with them for the story quests (like gta5 you switch between different characters…)

You may want to look up the definition of a parody before you begin, the conditions may not align with what you’re expecting to be able to do.