Right way to move many pawns

Hello. Im pretty new in UE4.

Im trying to prototype my game concept in blueprint editor, but stuck in some architecture problems.
I need to move many objects in simple, but not predifined directions. And cant find right way to do it.

I found next ways:

  1. Move with AddActorTransform - and i need to update it every tick, it looks like very resource-intensive way, becouse i am planing to have 250+ moving objects at same time and i still have other game logic to compute.
    If theyupdating each every tick, i think, that would be some instance of CPU hell.
  2. Use FloatingPawnMovement - still needs to be updated every tick.
  3. Use CharacterMovement - isnt it too complicated for my task?

I think, im lost something and there is a more right way, isnt it?

Some way to say - object X to move in Y direction with Z speed and sometime check position?

All movement happens per tick, whether you add extra logic to the tick ot not.
you can optimize large numbers of meshes moving by using instanced static meshes so they all occupy the same Draw function call at the engine level, but I am not sure what to do for pawns. If you truly have such simple movement then perhaps they dont need to be pawns.