Right way to make transformer-like animations?


what is a good way to make transformer animations, like a transformer building himself up from a little box to a car? Would be an animation of morph targets a good choice? Are they less performant than bone transformations?

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Depends on the transform.
The animation itself can be whatever, probably, in the end you have to swap out the blueprint from character to vehicle to provide the correct motion for instance.

Morph vs Bones on a skeleton have similar costs as they essentially do the same thing - shift vertices at run time.

If you are using this animation at the start of the game, then you obviously don’t have to swap anything, you just disable movement while it plays and you are good to go.

The determination on what you use should be done by you with project specifics in mind.
I would say combine both morphs and bones for the best possible effect.

Thanks you! It’s just that it’s for my purpose easier to do in Blender with morph targets than with bones. If I want for example transform a sphere to a cube - face by face - I will need a bone for each face. In Blender I have to create for each face a bone, bring it in position (middle point or edge of the face) and attach the face to the bone. Then I have to animate them. With morph targets I can just pull a face, make a new morph target, pull another face, make a new target, … and play them one by one from 0 to 1 in an animation.