Download whats the code workflow?

Hey all,

As someone new to Unreal, I find a lot of the documentation lacking in some of the more basic stuff.

So I have experience in Id Tech and Unity. Id Tech deals with code 100% separately from every other part of it, in Visual Studio. Unity has excellent in-editor integration with Monodevelop.

So how is it supposed to work with Unreal? I see the “Click to open this source file in a text editor” but it doesn’t seem to do anything? I know you can create classes in the editor, but is there a place where I can learn the Visual Studio>Unreal>Visual Studio workflow?

I’m just looking at the FPS shooter example from the Marketplace right now.

Thank you!

A link to the quick-start for programming, including setting up the IDE environment: Programming Quick Start | Unreal Engine Documentation

Hi Andyfilms,

We’re interested in knowing anytime that you feel documentation is lacking. Feel free, in a separate thread dedicated to documentation in the Feedback section, to let us know exactly what you are trying to accomplish, where there are gaps in the documentation, and what we could provide to clarify it (documentation, tutorials, etc.). This is of course with the understanding that we do not have the resources to teach C++ programming or how to use Visual Studio in general.