Right of use of the Unreal Engine 4


First of all, I get to the general support of Epic Games, and they led me to this specific section. So, here I am !

I introduce myself a bit, I’m Gauvain Boiché, I’m currently studiying in the Video Game field in a school in Belgium. This year I was an active user of Unreal Engine 4 and I plan to continue in this way along with some other engines.

I am making a custom template for my emails to give a great view for them, and as a 3D artist, I’ve put a screenshot from Unreal Engine 4 as a promote of my work. And, as it was made in Unreal Engine 4, I want to give proper credit to it and put the logo of UE4 on it ( like this ).

As it is under certain licences, I want to know if I was able to do so. I assure you I will not, under any circonstances, retrieve a fee or earn money in any way with this template or with the content of my emails.

If I was able to pursue this, I wanted to know if you want me to put very special comments at the end of the email ( like “The Unreal Engine logo belongs to Epic Games and his legal owners” and a link to your website maybe ).

I wanted to know also if I would be able to put the logo the same way and with the same conditions ( for promotion and quick representation of the work and not in a way to earn any money ) in any website/portfolio I would make for my own.

Thank you for your concern ! Long live Epic Game, ahah !

Truly yours,

Gauvain Boiché

Thanks for your interest in UE4 Gauvain. Under the EULA, you are free to use a screenshot from UE4 in your emails, no problem. If you want to use the UE4 logo as you suggest, you should fill our a trademark license here and follow the other instructions there.

Okay, that’s exactly what I were looking for ! Thank you :slight_smile: