Right clicking on objects in blueprints - enable input efficiency?

I am creating a game where there are right click menus for many ingame objects. What is the best way to handle right click detection for all these objects?

At the moment I have each individual object blueprint with input enabled, and each of these blueprints compare the right click location to their component actor locations. Is there any more efficient way to process these right clicks than having every object in the game process a right click and compare its location, or is this an acceptable approach?

Sorry if my post is confusing or hard to read, it is difficult to word. I guess an equivalent question is, what is happening behind the scenes when the default ‘OnClicked’ event is called? Does this enable input on the object blueprint behind the scenes?

Yes. Go to you project settings -> input, then setup an action mapping for right mouse click. Then on your player controller you will probably want to check “hit result under cursor by channel” and then cast to the actor.