Right Click to Move

All the video tutorials are out of date, and the blueprint “move to location” is nowhere to be found, which is what every video I’ve seen about it using. So, I was curious, from 4.8, what is the order for the Blueprints in which to make an actor/component move to where you right clicked your mouse. This is for an RTS, where you’d command multiple units and tell them where to go by right clicking.

Move to location nodes exist for me

I have the “Empty actor” sphere mesh selected, could this be the issue? I open up the blueprint, add custom event, then, whilst dragging the execution line from my custom event, search for “move to location” and it is nowhere to be found. I feel like I’m missing something right under my nose. I am in 4.8.1

try turning off the Context Sensitivity if you can’t find a node, then it should show up.

Thank you my friend, it was succesful