Right Click Replace Nodes With: (select any applicable node)

I apologize in advance if this is already a feature and I’ve just overlooked it, however it would improve workflow if there was a way to select a large patch of identical nodes and right click and have them replaced with similar nodes. As an example I wanted to switch these [float - float] nodes to [float + float] instead of deleting and creating new nodes and then rewiring.


although it’s not really the most comfortable workflow, you can actually do it in some scenarios.
Select your nodes (including the nodes which are linked to them in some way), paste into a text editor, and replace the MemberName in all [FONT=courier new]FunctionReference=(MemberParent=Class’"/Script/Engine.KismetMathLibrary"’,MemberName=“Subtract_FloatFloat”) rows to [FONT=courier new]Add_FloatFloat.

Of course in more complex names you have to make sure that the PIN names match, and etc, but I just tried out and it works well for float-float to float+float.