Right click (on uproject-file) launch game not availible

I am working in a team with remote developers and we are developing a multiplayer game using the advanced session and steam online subsystem. There apparently is a bug that stops the steam overlay from working when the game is started normally but it can be circumvented when you right click your uproject file in the browser and select launch game. We are all using the same engine version but our artists dont see that option when they right click the uproject icon. Also theirs is grey why mine (and the icon of the other coder) is blue. We are using the same Engine version 25.3 which is set to default version for all of us. How do we fix this and make the “launch game” option availible so we can do proper testing?

Someone asked if he had Unreal Engine installed at all which is the case. We are running the same engine versions and he has done a lot of work in the project already.

That was me. Binned it about 2 nanoseconds later… I have no idea I’m afraid…

  1. Find UnrealVersionSelector on your harddrive
  2. Try starting that. (If it says: “Register this directory as an Unreal Engine Installation?” hit yes. If this worked skip to 5.
  3. If it says "“The current folder does not contain an engine installation.” cancel and find your UE4Editor in Engine\Binaries\Win64
  4. Copy the UnrealVersionSelector and paste it into Engine\Binaries\Win64 so it’s in the same folder as UE4Editor. Now execute the UnrealVersionSelector.
  5. Go to your project and set it to open with UnrealVersionSelector
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If someone still fights with with getting Steam-overlay working in Standalone, take a look at my answer here

Thank you! Works perfect