Right-Click Node menu flickering/not showing

Hey all,

I’m getting this issue a lot:
Randomly, while working in the BP graph editor, when I right click to view the node-list or try to drag an input/output of a node to show the list,
The list starts flickering and then just not showing. When I restart UE4 then it goes back to normal.

It’s workable but very annoying since it happens 3-4 times a day. Anybody experienced this before and knows how to overcome this?
I tried various online solutions but failed (disable menu animation etc…)

Thanks in advance


Plenty of posts on AH about this very behaviour with nVidia cards. Rolling back drivers helps apparently, and so does disabling GeForce experience.

Apologies, I honestly didn’t see anything about that in relation to nVidia, and what is AH?

Will try this right away <3

Thank you

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There seems to be a pattern, yeah. Have a look here for a checklist of sorts that may be worth looking into:

Thank you so much - will try everything. To be solved in UE5 haha