Right-Click Menu Viewport: Blueprint Sub-Menu Options (Making Blueprints work like Prefabs)


Would it be possible to have a new sub-right-click sub-menu in the perspective viewport for Blueprints? There is a bit of a loss with prefab functionality being replaced, as it was fairly versatile in various situations.

This sub-menu would cover the following Blueprint actions:

Sub-Menu Title: Blueprints

  1. Create Blueprint from Selected
  2. Break Blueprint Instance into Individual Objects

Note about #2: All blueprint scripting would be destroyed. Only valid viewpoint object would survive, except for the root scene object.

Fully moving the concept of prefabs into Blueprints has made things too complicated for a simple “grouping / ungrouping” of common objects (meshes, lights, volumes, splines, particles, etc…) - would be great to get this concept back, ideally using the current Blueprint architecture.

edit: Also, seems like I can’t just ‘add meshes to selected blueprint’ in my perspective viewport … hrm.