Right Click in Blueprints Graph sometimes selects instead of dragging

Basically this is what happens; usually when you right click a blueprint, you pan it. However sometimes it does a selection box instead, and then both left and right click do this and you can’t pan. This has happened to me whenever I play PIE, shift F1 to get the mouse, click the stop button up top to stop PIE, and then go back to a blueprint I was editing previously. It only happens sometimes, and I have to play in PIE and stop again to fix it.

Hi ,

I was wondering if you could provide some more information for me.
First, is this only happening in your current project? If a new project is created will it happen there as well.
Second, could you provide a list of steps that you find are the most consistent in reproducing this.
Finally, any other info that could be relevant that was not initially included please add it in.

Thank you.

I am marking this as answered due to a lack of response and not enough information to successfully reproduce the problem.

If you would like to reopen this please feel free to make a comment and provide more information.
Thank you.

I’ve also seen this occur after using PIE, exactly as the original post described. In my case, I’m using a custom PIE size – 900 x 1949. I cannot get it to occur reliably – only very infrequently. Since the workaround (run PIE again) is trivial, it’s not much of an issue – just a minor annoyance on occasion.