Right click doesn't work in editor

I tried with older versions. No effect. Before I can use unreal engine 4, but now when I click right button it select object, but noting more. When I press File, edit, window or help noting happened. Please help me!!!

Which version of Windows you have?

The almost similar BUG is raised in W10.14915.100 and W10.14926.1000 Pro Insider Preview 1607, both in UE4.12.5 and UE4.13.

All File Menu is broken + DropDown Menu not work in any window (Toolbar, Viewport, anywhere where is placed drop-down arrow).

Link for details

Im sorry I know this forum finished a while ago but if that is the case how can we solve this issue because its occured on my pc and laptop now

also having this issue. Trying to follow one of the tutorials on the epic page which requires a couchknight asset. Opened the couchknight level in the editor and tried to export assets…but when I right click nothing happens.

any thoughts? would really like to fix this