Right click change

Hello, I have only started looking into UE4 yesterday, going through some Youtube Tutorials directly by Unreal Engine guys and what I’ve noticed over that time is that whenever I’m in the viewport and fly around holding my right mouse button, when I let go it seems to register a right click for some reason and really messes up because it often selects that, which I had my mouse on already. I have a RAT5 and I never had any problems with double clicking or the sort and it tends to happen even if I fly around for a rather long while.
All in all, I have two extra pressable buttons on it which are kind of sitting there, being useless and I’d REALLY need the right click and the viewport fly button to be two different buttons and not both on right click. When I searched if it’s possible to change keybinds everyone claimed you can’t so that’s why I’m writing here.
Thanks, cheers.

I believe you can, just try going into your Editor Preferences -> Shortcut pannel. You can edit a lot of things (but maybe not the one you’re talking about).