Right-click and Drop down menu hides after opening

I have a 3090 gpu and an i9900k cpu.

I can not reproduce the issue but it does keep happening at least 2-3 times per 4 hours session. Sometimes when I alt-tab out of the engine and then come back to it, drop down and right click menus will break. Sometimes I’m jus moving quickly, flowing through the process and then the menus break. When they break, the right click and drop down menus appear for about .5 seconds and then hide for me. When I’m streaming or screen sharing, viewers can still see the menus even though they’re hidden for me. The issues come up when I am not streaming AND when I am streaming.

I have reinstalled 4.26 and uninstalled all other programs that could interfere. I even did a fresh install of windows and these issued still persisted. I have a friend who also just started into unreal with 4.26, also has a different 3090gpu, and they had the same issue while I was watching their stream, except their right click menu in the blueprint event graph specifically from what I remember was just black for them, but for me as a viewer of the stream saw all the options in the right click menu.