Right Click and Drag RPG Camera Mechanic issue

I’m having a little trouble with a blueprint that is working almost perfectly but I’m having a slight issue which is irritating me and I can’t seem to find what’s causing it.

I have a camera attached to the player and I rotate the camera and the player by holding right click and dragging in whichever direction I want.

It works well and when the game starts, the player can right click and drag a full 360 degrees, which is what I want. However, when I toddle the cursor back on screen the camera then seems to only rotate as far as the edges of the screen.

Here’s my blueprint for my character. Anyone got any ideas?

I just fixed this issue today. To resolve this issue, you must understand input modes. Unreal has “Input Mode Game Only”, “Input Mode Game and UI”, and “Input Mode UI”. When you show the cursor, I think the input mode automatically switches to Game and UI. In order to scroll without the viewport blocking you, when you hide the cursor again, you must use Set Input Mode Game Only.

Can u make tutorial

Copy my blueprint setup and just after you set your Enable Click Events bool to false, drag off from the player controller and type “Set Input Mode Game Only” and you’ll be sorted :slight_smile:

Thanks for this and so sorry for late reply! Simple fix, love it :smiley: