Need help from someone to show me how to rig ik in maya for UR character. also when I retarget Pagaron character the ik is offset (the ik set in animation not skeleton) Thanks

For the first part, can’t help with maya, but blender and my add-on for it are free… Game Development:MostHost LA

for the second part. There can be a few reasons.

  1. have a look at the retarget settings and make sure that the IK bones are set to animation.

  2. generally speaking, the IK bones just have to be there. It doesn’t terribly matter where they are. You can move them around in the animation blueprint to where you need them to be via the copy bone node.
    That’s The rather classic example of how you adjust foot IK placement for instance.

That said, my addon and I prefer to actually have them start out at the same location as the animation of the skeleton… so essentially you can export an FBX of the mannequin with preview mesh from Unreal, Open Blender with my addon, rig, animate, key all, export and the feet and hand IK bones will be put in place if you re-import the animation into unreal.

again, its not Maya, but I think the implementation time and learning curve are far less between clicking on 4 to 5 buttons vs having to actually figure out how to rig in Maya and how to copy bone transforms.

Best of luck either way :wink: