Rigging very basic melee weapon

Ive been searching to try and find how to properly rig an axe for a submission for the market place. Its part of a larger pack but I would like to make it a usable melee weapon just in case someone would like to use it as such. Can someone please help me in understanding this because I have searched and can not find a good explanation on what to do. I downloaded the free melee weapons offered by UE4 and they have one standard root bone. Do I need to just add one root bone that controls the whole mesh or can the user just use a static mesh. Any help would be really appreciated.

Bump? I just need to know if I need to a rig a melee weapon. I cant really find much information on what I am asking. Just if I am adding animation to a melee weapon. I cant find anything specifically stating what I need to do. Seen a post stating it can stay a static mesh also seen a post saying I need a root bone. If someone can direct me to where I can get more information on this that would be really helpful.

So often melee weapons are just used as static meshes, although sometimes skeletal mesh makes senseā€¦

If you want to use a skeletal mesh for the weapon - it really is up to your design that you want.

If there is no movement or weapon animation, you may just need one root bone.

Typically the weapon is attached to a hand socket, so maybe put the root bone in a place that facilitates attaching to the hand.

But it really doesnt matter because the socket can always be modified to accommodate any weapon.

Awesome, thank you for that information.I appreciate the help!