Rigging Tool for maya in MacOS

Hi guys, I’m trying to start working with this new awesome plugging for maya, following the instructions to install the plug for maya. The thing is yes I can run the plugging but for some reason the icons doesn’t show. Any ideas? thanks!
In the equivalent source → \Engine\4.0\Engine\Extras\Maya_AnimationRiggingTools\MayaTools. for mac the Maya_AnimationRigginTool is missed.

Hey, I would like to know that, too, should we take it from the windows install or is it alltogether not compatible with Maya on Mac? Thank and congrats to the awesome release!

Sorry for the trouble. We’ll look into this and try to find out what could be causing the issue. Thank you for your patience :slight_smile:

Hey there!

Unfortunately, the initial version of the tools has not been tested on Mac. It seems like most things work except for the icons. Luckily, it’s just an issue of the mac os not liking bmp files. I’ll be putting out an updated icon pack in the next few days that will work with the mac os.

Thanks for your patience!

Hi Jeremy,

I’m using Maya 2015 on mac OS Yosemite , could you tell me if the Maya tool set is now available for this OS ?