Rigging Question w/ Blender (Using Auto-Rig Pro)

To preface I am not a 3D modeler, trying to learn what I can to accomplish some basic things before bringing on someone to take over this kind of work.

Using Blender 2.83 w/ Auto-Rig Pro (Auto-Rig Pro - Blender Market)

I have no issues creating a rig from a single mesh character.

I now have a character where the body is a mesh and the eyes are seperate.

What is the correct way about joining or parenting these objects and future objects (clothing, etc…) to work well once I bring them into UE?

Things I have done:
-Parented to Object and used only the MaleBody with Auto-Rig (Obviously does not work with the other objects)
-Parented to Object and selected all of the objects for binding the Rig (Very strange results)

Here is an example of a strange result I got (Eyes, beard and Hat seemed to be good but cleared messed up other things)
Imgur (NSFW and Nightmare Fuel warning) (Hierarchy got messed up or something and rebuilt skeletal stuff)

Plain naked guy (no other objects): Imgur

Should I attach things like hats and eyes in UE and Not blender?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Side issues I’m not as concerned with at the moment but if someone has answers for this weird neck issue that would be great:
Idle Animation (Kubold) (Fine) Imgur
Walk FWD Animation (Kubold) (forward neck) Imgur

First. The neck looks bad in both cases to me.
very turtle like.
​I asusme your model is not like that?

Eyes are basically always separate. So is the jaw and tongue.
however when you import the model they can be just 1 mesh.

You would have to make them children (parent them) to the body.

And no. For performance sake they should definitely all be part of the same mesh.

I have never used auto rig, but in general the export settings are the most important thing to worry about.

Also, on import you need to either select the correct skeleton or add a new one.
adding a new one to the messed up first model may be enough to bring the parts back to their proper place.

As far as IF you should attach in einge or in 3d program.
it depends on if you plan to have the character remove it or not in game.
Look into Modular characters for that. Usually clothing is baked on as well.

Thanks for that info, I will see what I can do with that.

You are right about the neck looking back at the un-rigged version (Is it a bone thing/weight paint/or animation?)

if that’s the non-rigged mesh I would move the vertices of the neck with the proper option to dilute the effect. In side view though. With perspective it’s hard to tell if it’s good or not.

IF it is rigged, I would modify the pose to bring the whole neck back with translation.
To do that I think edit mode on armor to un-parent/disconnect the neck from the spine, back to pose, move the neck back. Write down the offset value.
Back in object mode apply armature transform which locks the mesh in place. Create a new armature modifier.
Then in edit mode grab the neck bone, ctrl+ to select all the linked bones, G, Y, and apply the value you wrote down. Re-Connect the neck bone.
You should have a fixed mesh And armature.

Where is the mesh from? It looks super detailed. (read as, holy ■■■■ that’s a lot of tris on that hand)

Mesh from here:…male-base-mesh

Only temporary until I find an actual character modeler.

Thanks for the help again!

No Problem. Hope you can fix it quick.

The mesh doesn’t seem too bad, but the girl also has a turtle forward neck.
The overall Tris count doesn’t seem too bad either.

Yea, neither really have the look i want in the long run but thought they were decent for temporary models