Rigging Issue.


A novice rigger here, trying to figure out an issue with my setup.

I’ve modeled a race car and I’m trying to rig the suspension. I have an issue with the rear suspension and I’m having a hard time trying to understand whats going on.

My bone structure is composed of a bone for the chassis, bones for each wheel and a bone for the rear axle housing. The chassis and wheels work fine in UE4, but the rear axle housing just kind of randomly spins around on its own, in game. The concept is to have the rear axle housing rotate (roll) and follow the wheels (I’m trying to accomplish this with some math in the Animation Blueprint) as the car sways. Here are some images…


It’s almost as if the rearend housing bone has the right transform data, but lacks rotation data and just spins around freely. Driving the car, the rearend will collide with the ground and spin even more.

I scoured the net on rigging tutorials, but haven’t been able to find any information on what I’m doing wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated!