Rigging files from A boy and his Kite


I’m learning rigging (using youtube tutorials and other documentation webpages related to rigging).
I’m trying to do a rig similar to the boy in this unreal project (using blendshapes for facial animation).
I think the rig was developed in Autodesk Maya. And I supposed “Epic team” animated it in maya, and then export the skeleton rig, and all the animation related that skeleton into UE4.

I searched for the animation rig file inside the project folder, but I didn’t found it in any folder inside the project (Maya files or fbx files). So I understand that the project only contains the unreal assets, but not the original source files, before the import to UE4 (Maya files or fbx).

Is there any way to download the maya files (in order to study the animation rig)?

I mean, the maya file that contains the animation rig… is it been shared in some place?

If this not has been happened, is there any possibility that Epic can share this rig (maya format) for the community?

And again if this is not possible, Is there any way to export it from ue4 to maya (in order to obtain in maya : the animation rig, facial blendshapes, animations, etc… )?


The Boy itself was rigged by 3Lateral, masters of their craft regarding Facial Rigs, and no, there’s no Maya files available.
You can export the rig from UE4, but the blendshapes won’t be exported, so you’ll end up with a classic skinned mesh of the Boy.

I also asked a while ago if the blend shapes export was possible, but at this stage the export works only for the skinned mesh unfortunately


Thank you for your answer.