Rigging double doors with sliding hinge in max.

The doors are split in the middle and will open at the same time, when the doors close the hinges on the wall will slide a bit inside along the wall. So they need to rotate at the pin in the hinge, as well as after rotation slide a bit along the walls. I’ve been searching for tutorials on anything similar, but found nothing relevant, any ideas? Should i use bones to rig it? Do use dummies and helpers? Where should they be? Do i create the animation in Unreal with blueprints? (vs creating it in max)

If I understand it correctly, it’ll be a 2 stage animation, to open, first it slides, then it opens… correct?. To close, first it closes, then it slides?.

So your setup would be where the door is parented to the hinge. When you rotate the door, it rotates on it’s own but when you slide the hinge, the door comes along for the ride. So to open, the slide animation happens, then the rotate animation and the reverse, when closing.

Animation vs Blueprints… hhmm… yeah, I’d say you can go either way. I don’t know if it really matters. Maybe at the super micro level it does but I highly doubt picking one over the other will have negative impact in your game.

If it’s very straight, no secondary or dynamic possibilities, I’d just animate it, but I’d just animate the bones and link the door and stuff as static mesh components to the bones. This way you’re not using a skeletal mesh and you’re also open to change things around and still use the same assets.

If you need more specific info about rigging it or whatever, I can help you out. I just can’t go into too much specific here since I don’t know your exact setup. Some screens or something would help to explain exactly what you’re after.

A good tut here:

at least for your 2 doors, for the hinges it will be another problem :wink: