Rigging + Animation Pipeline?

I’m using Modo for this and don’t expect my models to be high poly (below 15,000).

What does a streamlined Pipeline look like for a game where I’ve effectively got to make unique animations / rigs for each character?

I read a post by Riot Games recently (on phone so link as soon as I’m done due to low ram) which states that they have a rigging system that lets their riggers attach “rig components” like a “jiggle tail” and create the skeleton much faster that way.

So tldr is there a way to “quick-rig” say, a Bulbasaur if I’ve got to or have already rigged a Mudkip? I ask because weight painting isn’t coming easy thus far. It’s a lot to take in and I haven’t even entirely understood the UE4 animation system. Just trying to save time where possible.

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Epic has something called “ART Tools”, but Epic uses Maya so the tool is for Maya only I think; maybe there’s a version for Blender too, not sure.

You can always rig it in Mixamo, download their Control Rig script and fire away. It’s for Maya though, but worth a try for someone new to this.

Using Blender I used an add on called auto rig (the latest update only) I took a low poly mesh that my friend made in Zbrush, then I used auto rig in Blender. Then with Auto Rig I exported the game engine rig (for Unity and Unreal), that enabled me to re-target all the SK_Mannequin mocap files in Unreal to my own mesh. Frogman test, Blender to Unreal AutoRig capabilities. - YouTube Blender auto rig is available here…Auto-Rig Pro - Blender Market