Rigging/Animation Enquiry (ik position on weapons)

Rigging/Animation Enquiry (ik position on weapons)

I am currently doing all of the rigging and animating for the characters in an fps game. I rig and animate them in 3DS max using CATrig and then bring them into unreal engine 4. I had initially done the animations for the carrot character and tried retargeting the animations to the other characters. Unfortunately due to the character’s different shapes and sizes, there was an issue with them holding their weapons.


I am currently using ik targets to connect the hands to the weapon skeleton. When I retarget the animations on the characters, they change into the character’s pose and animation but the hands would not be in the correct positions to be holding the weapons.

The distance between the hands are different so that they can adjust to the character’s poses and animation. Unfortunately, most of the characters are going to have this same problem as they are all different shapes and sizes and there’s at least 17 more characters and 15 weapons I need to animate left.

I’ve animated 8 characters with 8 different guns individually. We have at least another 15 characters and weapons to animate and I really don’t want to animate them individually again. Does anyone know how I might be able to solve this? I apologize if what I’m saying isn’t making much sense or if I’m not explaining it very clearly. Please let me know if you can help. I would really appreciate it. Thank you.