Rigging and animating person scanned.

We want to hire a skilled person for making **Rigging and animation **for a model we will scan via photogrammetry.
This is a remote work and if we make an agreement it is possible to have more work in the near future.
Talent Required:

  • Ability to export to FBX or OBJ format.
  • Experience with UE4 toolset a plus.
  • Experience rigging and animating persons is a plus.
  • Will be expected to rig and animate full character gameplay animation sets, including locomotion loops (run, walk, etc) and single play montage animations (getting an object, etc).

info @

Hey there, just wondering if you are open to working with a remote team on this? We have tons of experience rigging and animating and can also scale up if needed. Sending you an email. Cheers!

Hey there, i wish to apply for this job.

I have experience on rigging human models and moving from OBJ to Fbx, also making retarget and i have basic skills of blueprints for animations and gameplay, and currently i am working on a self-game project wich helps me to learn more

I am able to assist, I run mocap.com.au. Please make a request there.



Are you still looking? Or did you find someone to fill the post?

Hi! Sorry I have been very busy lately, we are still thinking and looking so you can write me more and less your rates if you want. Thanks!