Rigger/Animator, 3d environmental artist, C++ programmer.

Project Title:
Venoms Blade.

3d side scroller in the vein of Bloodstained, and some aspects of Metroid. Set in post Renaissance Europe.


  • Power ups that give you abilities to explore new areas of the map.
  • old school 2d action with 3d models.
  • Some feature #3

Team Name:
I have yet to register a name.

Team Structure**:**
So far the team is me as Project Manager, 3d artist, animator, concept artist, learning how to program and use blueprints. I have been working on this game solo since August.

Previous Work:
Links below

Talent Required:
C++ Programmer/Blueprint Scripting
3D Character Artist/Rigger Animator
3D Environmental artist.

  • 3d artists use of Maya or Maya LT preferred
  • More than 3 hours a week free time.

E-mail: earth2jeremy@gmail.com