Rigged Modular Soldiers for UE4 Developers

Hello Unreal community. I’m a Turbosquid Artist and I create 3d content for game developers. These are my latest pieces. If you need modular soldiers for your game project check out these two,

Link to Modular Female Soldier
Link to Modular Male Soldier

Tons of head texture variants

Tons of clothing options

Some in-engine renders

Here are the links one more time
Link to Modular Female Soldier
Link to Modular Male Soldier

my name is . I do a lot of character modeling work. If you have some specific modeling requests shoot me an email at
I transfer freelance work content via Gumroad. I also deliver content after each development stage.

  1. Zbrush Concepts
  2. Zbrush Final
  3. Retopped and resurfaced model
  4. Textured model
  5. Rigged Model
  6. Animated Model

So if after I deliver stage 2(Zbrush final), you determine that can proceed with the character development from
there, then we can terminate the freelance contract and you would only have paid for development stages 1 and 2.

Here is a link to my turbosquid portfolio so you can get an idea of the various kinds of content I develop
Turbosquid Store

If you already have characters, rigged or or not. I also animate and rig
Animation Reel


Technical Reel


Although the technical reel only shows a Maya rig, I also rig with CAT in max.


Will be working on a complete animation set for these characters. Keep an eye out for
Gun play,
and CQC animations for these characters.

The very robust and animator preferred CAT rigging system is used for these modular soldiers

HIK rigs are also available for Maya users

For those who want quick animation solutions, these rigs are mixamo and motion-capture friendly.

Testing out the rigs with some roughly edited mixamo animation in Unreal


I don’t need these chars but this is some serious and cool stuff man, gg :wink:

Hey Macoll, thanks so much for the feedback buddy. I’ll keep the thread alive with animation updates. I’m sure there is a dev team out there cooking up an FPS or TPS project that will give these recruits some work.:wink: