Rigged Items

If I wanted to make a jacket as an item that can be put on taken off, just blink on and off, how do I do that? Sockets are so nice and clean for attaching static objects to a skeleton, what about rigged items? How would you add a jacket for example? Also I’d love to add items with a jiggle bones, like an item flopping around on a back pack or something, I imagine it might be alone the same lines. Any tutorials help you can share would be appreciated. Thanks!

If I had to guess, I’d say rig it to the skeleton separately, import it separately and when you snap root to root, then I’ll also have to plug in the same anim tree. Is there a better way?

In my case i rig every extra item (like armor, necklace, bag, etc.) to the same skeleton (so for example, i have “BaseHumanoid” rig, every human-like creature uses it. And when i want to add, for example, new armor for some character, i:

  1. Create it on top of character model
  2. Assign it to characters’ skeleton
  3. Transfer Weights (I work in Blender, i remember that in 3dsMax it’s called Skin Wrap) from character base model to the new armor model
  4. Export only the armor with skeleton, so it becomes skeletal mesh.
  5. Import it as Skeletal Mesh and choose your characters’ skeleton.
  6. This way you can add different armor parts / body parts via Components panel, just add new Skeletal Mesh Component.
  7. After this, you want to set your armor to follow all animations of skeleton. To do this, SET MASTER POSE COMPONENT of this armor to your target skeleton.

Thanks for the response. Thats super helpful, esp since I didn’t think to transfer weights which I now see why that would be key.