Rig with both Skinned and Unskinned Meshes, import issue.


I want to use the Unreal Engine sequencer to render out a video for an animation. The rig for this animation has 3D meshes some of which are skinned to bones and others are unskinned. It is basically the rig of a machine. I rigged and animated it in maya, applied the keyframes to the bones where they were available, and just to the 3D meshes, where only they were available. And then baked the animation keys to all the components in the outliner. I then exported them out as FBX, and checked all the options in the Bake Animation and Deformed Models menu. After that, I imported the fbx files into Unreal Engine. But, it only lets me import the parts which are skinned to joints. The other unskinned meshes, along with their animations and materials disappear completely. Even though they are all there when I examine them in Maya. But unreal engine just won’t import the unskinned parts of the rig. I am new to Unreal Engine, and thought that if I just bake the animation, Unreal would import everything and play it automatically. But it doesn’t. What should I do in order to be able to import and play all these animations in the Sequencer? I would be most grateful for the help.

Thank you.