Rig for any character

I rig your character for Epic skeleton, you dont Need retarging animation, 100% setup for only replace character.


Moved it to looking for work.

Ok thank you and sorry

Update: Also Vehicles Rig

Coming Soon: UE4 Marketplace - MaskedMan Complete Template - YouTube

Now also support and custom Blueprint for every type of system for your game, contact me of Fiverr. Our customers happy about the work, first the video of complete work, then the order.

The gig is in pause for holiday, come back in 1 May. Thank you all for choosing me for rig your character .

The GIG for rig any character of you project with epic skeleton mannequin is available AGAIN!
Contact me on Fiverr, send me your character in FBX (in any pose, without texture also) and i’ll send you video of your character in action in my own project third person where you can check my work! Have a nice day :slight_smile:
LINK FIVERR: Rig any character with epic skeleton by Vinstriano | Fiverr

NEW: Rig for also pose like animal gorilla. For any custom request just write me and we talk about!

Thank you all for choosing me, I’m glad to see your characters in action in your project! Rig for any type of character (Also monster with extra bones), contact me for any request!

Hey buddy, could you rig this to epic skeleton?

Please let me know, if you can I’ll hire you straight away!