Rifle Animset pro blendspaces

How is everybody getting on with the rifle Animset pro animations? I’m struggling to come up with good blendspaces. There is one example on YouTube but it doesn’t work for my controller. Is anybody willing to post their examples?

Do you want to do your blend spaces using in place or root motion?

I want to do it using root motion. I also want to add start and stop but I just can’t figure out the correct blendspaces set up.

This might help.

Did it back a bit as a proof of concept

Thanks FrankieV this does help me out. Going off what your say in the video, do you think it’s best to add the start/stop moving animations to that blendspace?

This tutorial series may help:

You could also take a look at this forum post:

Click link under “Long version” skip to about 4:00mins into the video and you’ll see one method of creating a blendspace using the Rifle Animset Pro along with how to implement it.

A 2d blend space is just a 2 dimensional array so in theory you could put together a 8-way movement blend space including starts and stops. You would have to interpolate across the bland space and clamp for the stops. another option would be to do 8-way stops and starts and blend by INT. Since Root Motion controls speed and direction the trick is to get he math working.

W1930U7 and FrankieV you guys have helped me out a lot I will spend some time over weekend with it and let you know how I get on. Thanks again.