Ridiculus RAM consumption by EG Launcher

I wasn’t very sure where to post Launcher bugs, so finally went here.

Really, Epic Games, REALLY? Does your Launcher have to consume so much of physical memory?
Just look at screens I took when downloading UE 4.9.2 today. It’s pretty self-explanatory: http://puu.sh/lhSU2/185c085d74.jpg

Almost 1,2 GB of RAM!? Other day I couldn’t even finish downloading it, because Launcher used over 1,5 Gigs of RAM, and as I have only 4 GB installed, it started to rely on PageFile and put so much stress on HDD it couldn’t even continue to save the downloaded data… This is absurd that you need at least 8 GB of physical memory to be only able to download UE. Please, fix this up once and for all and make a decent launcher, instead of having memory leaks over and over every few months.

Hello Nidrax,

Thank you for the feedback! We apologize for any inconvenience this has cause. We are aware of the problem and are working on fixing up the CPU/memory issues. Unfortunately we don’t have any additional information for you at this time. However, if there is anything else we can help you with, please let us know.

Hello Nidrax, i have a similar issue but its more with excessive memory use then cpu use.

I am Currently downloading content for my library, Content Examples, Realistic Rendering, ARK Dev Kit"updating".

EpicGamesLauncher.exe 05% CPU usage 10,316,643K RAM “10GB” and its rising.

I have also noticed when you close the launcher and your downloading something it does not resume it will re download everything again.“maybe there is no support for this”

Intel I7-4820K “LGA2011” @ 3.7Ghz
2x240GB Kingston SV300S3 SSD drives Raid 0
1.5TB Seagate ST31500341AS
560TI 1GB + 750 2GB
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit SP1
page file is auto.

Should we not do multiple updates / downloads with the current version of the Launcher?

If you need anymore information please contact me i will be more then happy to provide you with it.

Please fix this issue when you get the chance as i would like to be able to run other stuff as i am waiting for a download.

Thank you.

I got 4 GB RAM used just to install 4.10 today.
My current memory is 8 GB.
How is that possible to use that much memory only for DOWNLOADS?
Someone fix this please.
It used up half of my memory and it make Win8.1 to display warning to close EpicGamesLauncher.

I am also notcing a huge ram usage from the launcher as well along with overall editor lag with 4.92 and 4.10. In the past when I had my older video card I could have other apps running with minimal lag on Epic Settings with a eVga NVIDIA GeFoce 660GTX SuperClocked 2GB. However now just having Skype or FireFox open it has noticeable lag and ram usage the launcher sometimes taking up to 2.5GB and when loading on a new default seen adding an asset pretty much hangs 4.10 for up to five minutes and makes the editor a slideshow which should not be the case with my setup at all. Also I noticed odd CPU spiking ranging from 60-90%.

Current system
Intel i7 950 3.2Ghz Quad Core, 8 Threads, 8MBCache.

24GB G.Skill Gamer DDR3 PC-1600 RAM.

eVga NVidia GeForce Titan X 12GB GDDR5 with latest stable drivers.

750GB HDD Main drive.

1TB External USB 3.0 HDD.

Sound Blaster Live Recon3D Fatality Professional Edition THX Sound Card with Beam Mic

Dual Acer 23" 1080p IPS monitors 60Hz Main HDMI 2.0 secondary DVI

Logitech G510 Gaming Keyboard

Logitech MX500 Laser Mouse

Logitech C270 720p HD Webcam

TurtleBeach DSS2 Dolby Digital converter via optical to sound card

Pantronics Amp II Headset used with DSS2 as just headphones

Windows 10 Professional 64bit

DirectX 12.1

When I get home if need I can paste my DXDiag and screenshots as I’m not home and on my iPad currently. Also sorry if my system specs come up as a jumbled paragraph I used the break extension instead of double spacing and in the review it seems to work instead of double space each component. I’m on my iPad so hopefully it will work.

Hi everyone after some testing i have found a simple solution that might help while the dev team works on patch.

I found that downloading / updating too many items “>4” is the cause of excessive ram use due to the EGL caching everything to ram while downloading, now i am making a huge assumption here based on what i have seen as i was downloading items, so if i am wrong well so be it, but i have observed that if i download a single item and close EGL and open it again it seems to solve the issue, the other thing i have found to help is also close it after i launch the item i need.

This solution can be annoying but it works.

Second thing is some of you might have a fixed swap file for performance reasons i think the best thing to do is to turn that function off in case you run out of ram and that should prevent any loss of data just make sure you have good drive that your page file is on or you could try a USB3 flash stick as to boost your page file, unless you have an SSD drive then you don’t need that option.

I am wondering if it’s a LightMass bug or the hook from eVga Precision X 16. I took two pics before I read that with 4.9.x+ it caused issues but nothing like the discription. Pic with 96% CPU spike is from LightMass being at like 75ish but I didn’t get a shot and the normal but still completely locked and dead UE4.10 Editor with the Defualt Scene, and 1 tree and couple instanced grass meshes from the Vegitation content pack shared on the forum…had to task kill it.
link text

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I took a couple pics. I had Precission X 16 on not knowing that it effected 4.9+ however I tried to make a simple scene and it locked up. The CPU spike of 96% is when LightMass stalled then died. Then the engine just stayed locked I couldn’t do anything but task kill it.
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link text

Mate we are just talking about the launcher here the editor is a separate program and speaking of the UE4 Editor it should use everything your system has when compiling/rendering this is normal, but the Epic Games Launcher should not use much mem as its effectively just an update tool/browser much like the steam client ect, as for it crashing i think that maybe another issue but closing the launcher after starting UE4 may help.

True sorry but before I uninstalled it when it was just open and not downloading or updating anything it would sit around 1.4-2GB it’s just odd since before it’s never really gone over 600MB unless downloading/installing something.


Hi there. For me the same issue - huge RAM consumption - 12GB from 16GB and after some time…cca 2 minutes - the crash of the windows10 - no resources! I am not able to stop any download procedure - this happened after the Windows10 system startup to the desktop during EGL starting (autostart). Some fix for it? EGL worked 1 week ago but not now. Uninstall and reinstall it did not solve it =o/.