Ridiculous to Ask Users for their ID just to change your billing address

I have been using credit card to buy assets from the marketplace, and I couldn’t do that with PayPal because my country was set incorrectly when I register. So the billing address country does not match with PayPal and gives an error when I try to pay.

When I contact support, they ask me to provide ID, rental agreement or bill statement to verify my identity. That’s pretty ridiculous. I don’t want to share these private details to Epic game. I never come over any websites (except the government) that would require people to show ur ID or bill statement in order to change an address.

It’s actually pretty standard for a lot of online stuff like this now. It’s fraud protection… I know I’ve had to do it for Blizzard and Steam in the past. It’s to help make absolute sure that someone isn’t hijacking your account, stealing your info and/or locking you out of the account for good.

You’ll have to either suck it up and deal with it or you’ll have to stop using the service. I’m pretty sure it’s in either the TOS or the EULA.

After what happened recently to a few marketplace sellers’ accounts, you want to be glad Epic are increasing their security protocols.

Besides, any data you provide them with is going to be protected under Data Protection.

You mentioned about Steam. I can change country easily and all i need is valid credit card and wait for a week to be able to trade. They also have phone verification so it shows that there are some other methods to avoid their security problems.

As for my case, like I said it is not an address change but country selected incorrectly (likely long ago) but then they require those personal details to fix this error. I bought the asset with my credit card instead of PayPal because I think I do not need to provide that at all.

That probably doesn’t make sense either as you can still pay with credit card when the country does not match with that displayed in your Unreal profile. It’s not about security. It’s just some inconvenient executive procedures that forces one to follow.

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