Riders, community based race game


Hello everybody, I’m very glad to present you today our racing game, we’ve planned to develop already since a long time and now headed over to UE4 . But first of all, who are we?
We’re small project group called Game Twice, who plans to develop community based games.
The team contains right now Programmer, 3D artists, Level Designer.
Most of our project members are students, who likes to develop their own games in the future, including this one… Riders.

What is Riders?
Riders will be an open world racing game developed from the community for the community.
Our goal is it to create a big open world racing game, which is based on the feedback and ideas of the players.
We have already done some research on the internet and wrote down many ideas, these we will integrate into the game later.
The game includes a singleplayer mode which contains a long and exciting story, but besides the singlplayer we want of course connect the players with a multiplayer mode.
In the multiplayer you will have different opportunities, it’s up to you if you just drive around with your friends in a big open world and join illegal street races where you face other racers.
Or if you play a more story based multiplayer, where you can drive among with your friends and challenge other top racer within a story mode.
Another one big feature will be that the game is very dynamic, what means that the race behaviour changes depending on the daytime or the weather.

Because of the size of this project and the passion we want to put into the project, we’ve planned a long developing time to finish the game. In the future we want to release the game and head it over to a bigger publisher. But to achieve the result what the players want and what we want, we need help… your help.

-The game will contain a singleplayer mode, multiplayer mode with multiple sub modes.
-A realistic looking open world with different zones (City,Forest,Snowy Mountains…)
-Dynamic system (Weather,Daytime)
-Car customizing with a lot of customizing possibilities
-Many official car brands
-Interesting, long and exciting story
-New game modes

These are only a few of the already planned features, and the list still grows.

Name: Eike K.(Project Creator, Artist)
-Management/Organization of the project
-2D art ~3 years
-3D modelling ~2 years
-Level design

Name: Vitaly V.(Programmer)
-General programming ~5 years

Name: Ali M. (3D artist)
-3D modelling ~4 years

Name: Marien E. (Artist)
-3D modelling ~4 Years
-Level designer ~2 Years

Because of the huge game content, we’re currently looking for a bigger amount of people. But we still have some general requirements.

General Requirements:

-Be at least 18+ years old
-Write understandable/readable English
-Be motivated/passionated to work on this game
-Have at least 2+ years experience in your field (3D Design, 2D Design etc.)
-Be familiar with the Unreal Engine 4 and know how to work with it
-Have something to show off, so we get to know you better and see what your skills are so far
-Be sure to have Skype on your computer, to be able to communicate with each other in the project
-Be nice and support the other people in the project if needed, it’s very important for us to have a great mood in the project and learn from each other if someone needs help with a certain thing.

3D Environment Artist(2)
Your role will be to create buildings, road props, environment props etc. for the game with the requirements we need, like LOD’s if needed etc.

3D Designer(1)
As a 3D Designer in our project, you will mainly create the neccessary car customization models (i.e Spoiler,Roof scoops,Wheels…). And maybe modelling vehicles(when you’re familiar with it).

Story Writer(1)

  • Very good English writing skills
    Because we already have a basic structure of the story, your role would be to smooth out the story and adding new story parts in it and extend it.

Blueprint Programmer/C++ Programmer(1)
In general you will have to create certain functions we need for the game, like race modes or also the behaviour of the 3D models.

Particle Artist(VFX)(1)
We need a particle artist, who helps to create stunning looking particles.

Sound Artist(SFX)(2)
You will basically create sound effects for the game. We especially looking for someone who creates the audio of the different vehicles in the game.

2D Artist(1)

  • Very familar with Photoshop and be able to draw concepts and transform it into final game versions
    You role would be to develop some concepts for the interface and create the interface elements.

Material/Shader artist(1)
You will create complex shaders/materials for the game within the Unreal Engine 4.

Level Designer(1)
-Very familiar with the landscape tool inside UE4
-Familiar with general level design.
Your role as a Level designer in our project would be to help create realistic looking environments among the other Level Designer.

Please remember that every footage is in a very early development stage and a lot of things will changed and improved.


**PS: Sorry for not posting all the screenshots directly, if you want to see more pictures please visit the imgur gallery: **

Newest video

Youtube channel of our programmer where he shows off even more of the progress/new functions:

Got interested? Or have any questions left? Feel free to write me a message.

Homepage: Coming soon.
Facebook project page: https://www.facebook.com/GameTwice

Facebook project page: https://www.facebook.com/GameTwice (Private Message)
Skype: xxxfrezerxxx

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We’re still looking for more people who are interested to join the project. :slight_smile:

#Edit: Also new pictures are available in the Showoff part on imgur.

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Still recruiting for the slots I mentioned in the first post.

New screenshots will be available soon!

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Material/shader artist and Particle artist(VFX) slot is now filled.

Some slots are still open and we’re still recruiting. If you’re really interested in the project and are a material/shader artist or a particle artist(vfx) you can still join, by show off some of your work.

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Still looking for the slots I mentioned above.

Also added some new screenshots to the imgur gallery and you can check out a new video from our programmer. We hope you like it!

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We’re still looking for more people to join the project.

New screenshots in the near future.

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New video is released on the programmers youtube channel.

Also we’re looking for more people to join the project, even we filled some slots you’re still able to join for any position.

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Again a new updated video is on the programmers youtube channel.
Soon we also upload some more screenshots and put them into the imgur gallery.

We’re still recruiting for more people, who are interested to join the project and help developing the game. Currently we’re especially looking for more 3D artists/environment artists.

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Some new screenshots are on the imgur gallery available, soon more!

Still recruiting for more people who are interested in the project.

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Woow Very nice project ! And Awesome Car :o
I’m on it :smiley:

**New Video is available **on the Youtube channel. Soon also some screenshots.

Still looking for more people, especially 3D artists/environment artists

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One more render screenshot in the imgur gallery, as a filler. Soon we release a couple more and add them into the imgur gallery.

We’re looking for more people, especially 3D artists/environment artists.

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I have worked on a racing game at Eden Games and will again this summer, and I can tell you that you won’t have official car brands unless you pay a looooooot of money. Plus, dealing with car brands is full time job.

But at least the project is ambitious, may be a bit too much. Building an open world means a lot of things wheter it be in design or in tech. You might need to set a smaller scope to have more reachable objectives and empower you project’s quality.

I might be interested by the project but i don’t understand what are you unique selling points, what makes you different from Test Drive Unlimited, Forza Horizon 2 or the Crew for example?

We’re still looking for more people.

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We had a busy schedule in the last period of time(school,work…) , but we’re back now and working heavily on the game again. We’re still recruting more people, if you’re interested just PM me or add me in Skype etc.

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Hello everybody, we’re still recruiting more people. We also uploaded a new video on the Youtube channel and some new screenshots as well, more coming soon.

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Up to the top. We’re still recruiting.

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Stay tuned, soon we will release more screenshots. We are still recruting people for the project.

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nice project guys. Difficult to do and look challenging