Riddle Of The Glitch - An experimental spatiotemporal puzzle

Greetings from Greece.

My name is Giorgos Loukakis and I am a hobbyist video game designer. I truly believe that video games are a form of Art and that the world needs new, innovative ideas in the field of video game design.

Although that I have designed more than 20 games in paper and notebooks I just recently found the time and courage to implement an idea for a spatiotemporal puzzle game called “Riddle Of The Glitch”.

The game is still under development and it will take a lot of time and effort in order to be ready to publish. I hope that some day you will have the chance to play and enjoy it.
(I also hope that Davey Wreden will copy the gameplay of my game and then present it as his idea. I could definitely be Coda! I am just kidding of course…peace and love to Davey, he is a talented designer and I really loved Stanley Parable and Beginner’s Guide)

So this is my first attempt to design a video game. Any opinions and advises are welcome of course. Also if anyone is interested in helping with the code, please do not hesitate to contact me. Finally do not hesitate to contact me if you want me to join your team for the design and development of any innovative or experimental game idea.

Hi again.

I am too busy right now to develop this game, but I am still thinking about the riddles and the puzzles that I will add to it. So, here are two trailers…still under development. Soon I will post another trailer with more gameplay and stages.

Any comments and thoughts are welcome.

This is the third trailer of my still “under development” puzzle game

Good luck with the project AereVos.

Wow! This is wild!

I think, mainly, it’s the minimalist quality of it all. Not only in its art style, but in its presentation.

I really enjoy this. Perhaps its the contemporary classical musician in me, but I love abstract material. Especially in games!

Thank you so much. I really appreciate the criticism. I am thinking of moving the whole project to a newer version of the engine and see if it still works. I think that this one is done in 4.7.
Thanks again guys.