RichTextBlockImageDecorator Error

I am getting an error when compiling my a widget blueprint that includes a rich text block image decorator.

My compiler results are as follows:
RichTextImage Text Style Set property expects a Data Table with a Rich Text Style Row structure (currently set to /Game/ThirdPersonBP/Blueprints/Widget_Blueprints/DT_Img.DT_Img).

My data table though is of the form “RichImageRow” and the widget has 1 array element using the blueprint “RichTextBlockImageDecorator” where I assigned my data table with the image. This is my first time using RichTextBlocks so any hints as to what I am doing wrong would be appreciated.


i think you should use your row name for id.
And i encountered a problem,RichImage not working after packed.
I’m having a headache.