Rich Text Help


I have been reading the unreal documentation on rich text to help me achieve something I am going for in a game but have been unable to resolve the issue so wondered if anyone had any advice or experience with this sort of thing?

What I am trying to achieve is a card game where every card has a description, the description is fed in from a datable as other other details. So I would want my card to say something like:

This card does 6 damage.

I want the 6 to be variable so I don’t have to type it manually, this is because if the player has “2 strength” the base damage of 6 would become 8 or 12 or something else. So I would like to change the style of the text make it bold and have the number as a variable that could be calculated and displayed as the player plays cards. So if they play a card that says triple the damage of your next card, I would want that 6 to become 18 dynamically. (to save the player working it out or having any confusion of the damage a card would do)

Does anyone know how to do this, or can point me to some learning that will help?