Rich text block image decorator

Did anyone manage to pack the game with rich text image decorator? Bc my decorators are not recognized in a packed game. They work very well in play in editor and standalone, everything is fine, but not in a packed game - text looks like it ignores

<img id="*"/>

Text written this way:
**“test text <img id=“decorator”/> text text” **works in editor and standalone, but in packed game it looks like this "test text test text"

I have almost the same problem - I use image decorator but the images are not visible in game at allIt all works fine in the editor.

did you manage to find any solution?

Yes, try to put everywhere in the text decorator and image decorator blank first place as ‘default’ as on the screen below

Adnotacja 2020-05-18 180210.jpg

@Dekoy thanks! it works!

@Dekoy Worked like a charm, Cheers! Strange that the unreal docs don’t make mention of this, especially on why it is useful/necessary (makes sense for the text styles though).

Does anyone have any solution other than the Default row in the Data Tables?
I am facing the same issue of having the images displayed in the Editor, but not in the mobile build. I do have the Default row implemented, but this seems to not have fixed the issue.