Ribbon Particle SubUV?

I made a particle using SubUV material, thus having some animation, when it was used in ordinary particle data type, all things go right(I’ve set up the SubUV part of Required Module and SubUV Images Module)…, but when I switch the particle data type to Ribbon, everything goes wrong and it just jump back to ordinary material appearance…I mean, it looks as if I haven’t applied any SubUV control! It didn’t output a single frame of SubUV Material, but the whole material…but I checked that in Ribbon there is SubUV module and all the settings were right if put back in ordinary particle, so I supposed that I missed something in Ribbon settings to get it right? But I can’t find any setting that is about SubUV in Ribbon Module…

I have never tried using a subUV on ribbons, but by nature of how the UVs are generated I would be surprised if subUVs are supported.

SubUV on a ribbon would probably look very strange, the idea when texturing ribbons is to use the two separate UVsets to tile patterns at set distances in one UVset, and mask along 0,1 in the other UVset.

Try mousing over the Tile section of the Ribbon module and read the tool-tip.

Using some techniques with panners, UVdistortion, multiple textures moving at different speeds can yield you some really cool results on riboons, animTrails, and Beams.

Thank you for the advice, I’ve thought of that too, but tried and got only wrong results…yeah, in my 4.81 version it seems cascade really support SubUV in Ribbon particles(I’ve deleted the original SubUV modules in Ribbon mode and add it again)…so I just assume that I only did something wrong with that.

So, the panners, UVdistortion, multiple textures moving…does that point to MacroUV settings? I’ve just read about a series of tutorials about that: