Ribbon causing massive lag

Hello everyone.

In my 2D game, I’m attaching a ribbon to my missiles and they are causing a lot of FPS issues. Basically, each missile decreases the FPS by 15/20. Needless to say that this is probably not normal and not a desirable behaviour.

I also use the deactivate function for when my missile explode, just to keep the trail alive for a while. Now, if the trail is not drawn (for testing purposes), the FPS stays at 120, until the deactivate function is called, which also cause the FPS to drop drastically. What is wrong with this function ? What’s going on with my ribbons ? :frowning:

Note that I have a very good computer and those tests are all done within the UE4 editor.

Since I’m far from being an expert, is there any information that may help you or tips I should know ?

Thanks !

The lag is only present in the Editor. The finished game has no lag at all, so I guess this is due to uncompressed code and massive debug running in background with power limitation in the Editor.