Rhino3D .3dm file stalls at 0% after first import


I am noticing a strange behavior with Unreal 4.20.3 and Datasmith 4.20.0. I am able to launch a new Unreal Studio project, import CAD with datasmith and select a .3dm file. Everything works as planned. If I try to import a second .3dm file, unreal stalls out at 0% of the datasmith import process. If I make a new project and import a .3dm, I get the same behavior, the program freezes at 0%.

I have restarted my machine, uninstalled datasmith and reinstalled the plugin, installed 4.21 preview 2 - all result in the same 0% crash.

I have tested this on two different computers, using several different rhino files, and have the same issue on both machines.

Any ideas on what I should test or do differently?

Oddness. Perhaps you should log a bug report and see if we can duplicate. Report Unreal Studio bugs here:

HI chrismca,

I’m trying to reproduce your issue with both 4.20.3 and the latest preview without success.
Are you using Rhino 5 or 6?
Is there any way you could give us the .3dm file?